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Arguably, when it comes to reducing hair growth, intensity, and density, turning to traditional shaving doesn’t quite cut it.  This season, say bye to the blade and hello to the hottest solution in long-term hair reduction you need to try.

In a modest quest to eliminate our bodies of unwanted hair, and confidently don body-baring bikinis and other scantily-clad clothing, women and men have gone to great lengths to stop the stubble.  Everything from sipping on spearmint tea to eating soy-based foods to hitting the weights to help build hair-ridding muscle, most of us have tried a myriad of methods to help rid, or at least greatly reduce, those pesky hairs from popping up on our arms, legs, and everywhere in between. 

While some of the aforementioned home remedies may or may not slow the spurt of hairs in unwanted places, there are better ways to get your bare and beautiful head to tippy-toe.

No More Blades of Glory

Once and for all, get rid of the razor!  Shaving is a vicious cycle of very ephemeral, skin-smoothing satisfaction and just being a daily source of annoyance and frustration with an undesirable side of nicks and cuts.  While emerging from the shower with touchably soft, silky-smooth skin following your morning shave gives you instant, body-baring gratification, this feeling of fulfillment in your painstaking pursuit for a fuzz-free physique dissipates as quickly as your once no-stubble skin. 

This is because the skin-smoothing effects of the blade are gone in less than 24 hours in most cases.  Not only will the shaven hairs just at the skin’s surface grow back extremely quickly, but the hair will also come back thicker, and in most cases, darker and denser. The blades of the razor are essentially slicing the tiny hairs at mid-shaft, leaving the ends blunt, coarse, and prickly.  

Turn to Tweezers

If you’re looking to reduce hair growth from your faces, such as brows or upper lip, then reaching for the tweezers will leave target areas smooth and hair-free for at least 2-4 weeks.  Plucking individual, pesky hairs at the root may take time, but you’ll get more hairless longevity for your efforts.

Waxing Works, Too!

Like tweezers, waxing is a tried-and-true method for safely and effectively removing unwanted hair from the face, back, belly, bikini, butt, arms, legs, and even tops of toes. 

Waxing removes hair from the root, resulting in about 4 weeks of low-maintenance, smooth skin with reduced regrowth over time.  However, you will notice your regrowth is a lot softer and a lot less coarse following your very first wax session.  

Get Charged Up with Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent method of hair removal for all skin and hair tones.  That means, if done properly, hair will never grow back in treated areas.  Electrolysis permanently destroys the growth cells in the hair follicles – one by one – via an electrical current from a thin wire that’s strategically inserted into each hair follicle under the surface of the skin.

  Bear in mind, that you will need to endure up to 12 sessions per treated area to cross the “forever fuzz-free” finish line.  Painful? Very.  Effective? Absolutely, especially when performed by a skilled electrologist.   

See the Light with Laser Hair Removal

Many patients often contemplate the common “laser versus electrolysis” conundrum when deciding which is best for their long-term hair removal/hair reduction needs. While electrolysis offers a permanent skin-smoothing solution, laser hair removal offers up to 80% hair reduction following 6-8 sessions (depending on the patient), is more cost-effective, and isn’t nearly as painful as its electrolysis counterpart. 

While hair regrowth can sometimes occur following laser hair removal, many patients have enjoyed zero stubble troubles for many years following their last session.  The skilled team of practitioners here at DG Aesthetics use the industry gold standard DiolazeXL by InMode to achieve skin-smoothing satisfaction that works on almost all skin tones and hair hues.

Its skin-safe, sapphire 3CP tip instantly cools each targeted area, while simultaneously protecting surrounding skin tissue from the effects of the laser’s light, eliminating the possibility of scarring and hyperpigmentation.  Depending on the area being performed, most laser hair removal sessions take roughly 30 minutes to complete – an estimated 10-15-minute reduction from previous laser hair removal systems. 

The advanced DiolazeXL system ensures no burns, scarring, or permanent skin damage that was so common in the early days of laser hair removal.  The DiolaxeXL has proven to be a total game-changer in the business of body-baring and we encourage you to consider life after laser.  

Going to Great Lengths for a Flawless, Fuzz-free Figure

While it cannot be determined if you will for certain have regrowth following your final laser session, whatever regrowth you experience will be lighter in hue and less intense in both volume and density.  Over time, your ongoing laser hair removal treatments may eliminate your hair regrowth permanently. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can safely and effectively reduce hair growth on your body and/or face via cutting-edge, laser treatment, please be sure to contact our office today to speak with any of our highly-knowledgeable and talented team members. Contact us today.