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Laser Hair Removal – DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal

Purge the Pain of Plucking, Shaving, Waxing, and Tweezing with a Cost-effective, Long-term Solution to Unwanted Hair!

Say Bye To The Blade

Guys and gals are saying bye to the blade, so long to the strip, and hello to laser hair removal for summer-ready, sexy-smooth, skin year-round. Daily shaving, dealing with messy, depilatory creams, and booking painful wax appointments at the salon are time-consuming and costly, while laser hair removal offers a safe, permanent solution to eliminating unwanted hair anywhere on your face or body, so that you never have to think about it again once you’ve finished all necessary treatments. It’s a fuss-free, foolproof option for flaunting a fuzz-free physique that’s FDA-approved, safe, and effective for ALL skin types, and offers a long-lasting, alternative to razors, tweezers, creams, bleaches, and sticky wax strips. Your smooth, stubble-free skin is always ready for its closeup – whether in a body-baring bikini or during those impromptu, intimate moments. With laser hair removal, you can finally ditch the daily razor routine, along with all those nasty nicks and curious cuts, and be confident you will no longer find yourself in embarrassing, hairy situations.

What is Laser Hair Removal Using DiolazeXL?

Laser hair removal using the innovative DiolazeXL system by InMode® is a minimally-invasive, high-speed laser treatment that targets individual hair follicles with Diode laser light technology to damage future hair growth. Overtime, treated hair follicles will stop producing new hair, resulting in silky-smooth, stubble-free skin. Due to its unique, skin-cooling system, DiolazeXL ensures the patient’s comfort with minimal to no discomfort during each procedure, while not compromising surrounding skin tissue. However, most patients require between 4 and 8 procedures before final results are attained, with about a 4 to 6-week waiting period between each procedure.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Using DiolazeXL Work?

The cutting-edge diode laser technology of the DiolazeXL system offers patients a virtually pain-free hair removal experience. Its skin-safe, sapphire 3CP tip instantly cools each targeted area, while simultaneously protecting surrounding skin tissue from the effects of the laser’s light, eliminating the possibility of scarring and hyperpigmentation. Depending on the area being performed, most laser hair removal sessions using the DiolazeXL take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete – an estimated 10-15-minute reduction from previous laser hair removal systems. The powerful, laser wavelengths only target the pigmented hair – even the lightest of flaxen-hued hairs! The advanced DiolazeXL system ensures no burns, scarring, or permanent skin damage so redolent of the early days of laser hair removal. Patients enjoy no downtime, no recovery, and essentially no return of hair growth (after all sessions have been completed).

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How Often Should I Expect to Book Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Most patients will require at least 4-6 (sometimes, up to 8) laser hair removal sessions before unwanted hair stops growing. There are variables involved, such as thickness of hair, treatment area, etc. The key is to be patient, follow instructions, ONLY SHAVE to remove unwanted hairs, and commit to completing all your sessions. One of the biggest mistakes many patients make is not following through with all their sessions and find their hairs start sprouting again after just a few, short months. While laser hair removal can be initially expensive and time-consuming, many patients find their beauty investment eventually pays for itself with the elimination of having to continually budget for razors, blades, creams, bleaching kits, and booking pricy waxing appointments at the salon.


“[Forma treatment] was a lot more comfortable than I thought, a lot more relaxing than I thought. It’s a lot like getting a hot-stone massage on the face…I highly recommend DG Aesthestics!”

-Navid Sabahi

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