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Are you considering saying bye to the blade, costly waxing appointments, and messy depilatory creams and wondering if laser treatment for hair removal yields permanent results?  

The answer may surprise you.

Laser hair removal is one of the hottest, minimally invasive, cosmetic treatments for eliminating unwanted hair on the face and the body.  Each year, millions of men and women alike seek laser treatment to rid of unwanted hair to achieve a beautifully bare, beach-ready body any time of the year.

However, many patients seeking that forever fuzz-free physique are unaware that laser hair removal isn’t always permanent.  Most of the time, and for many patients, results are semi-permanent and long-lasting but will require maintenance sessions to attain smooth results.  

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? What to Expect After Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

When undergoing laser treatments for hair removal or hair reduction, the damaged hair follicles may eventually heal and revive, leading to a fresh, new spurt of the standard hair growth cycle.  When a patient decides to undergo a series of laser treatment sessions to eliminate unwanted hair, the initial treatment to get started will require anywhere from 4-6 sessions, 4-8 weeks apart (per treatment area) to effectively “damage” the hair follicles and stop unwanted hair growth. 

“Bare” in mind, this state of non-growth is usually only temporary and maintenance treatments may or may not be needed in the future when hair follicles are restored.  In most cases, the damaged hair follicles will repair themselves over time and hair growth in treated areas could inevitably return.  When that happens is anyone’s guess.  Everybody is completely different and will have different results. 

Some patients will experience only mere months of smooth skin following their initial treatment, while others will enjoy years without stubble trouble before hair growth returns.  Alternatively, some patients will experience permanent results, though this is rare.  Factors such as fluctuating hormones and prescription medications can play into whether a patient will need to return to laser treatments in the future to maintain results, but there really is no way to predict the future of the fuzz.  

Most patients will enjoy semi-permanent results – ranging from months to years – before maintenance treatments are needed.  Hair follicles have an inherent capability of recovering from laser damage and will grow hair again.  However, when and if hair growth returns, it generally comes back smoother, softer, and lighter in pigment than before laser treatments.  

The Bare Minimum:  Smooth Moves to Keeping Your Skin Stubble-free Following Laser Treatment

While there is no way to forecast the future of whether fuzz will make a fierce comeback and whether you’ll require maintenance treatments, there are ways to help mitigate the return of hair growth following your initial laser treatment, including:

  • Scheduling regular, follow-up treatments 1-2 times annually
  • Not waiting too long between treatment sessions during your initial laser treatment phase, as the follicles will not be damaged enough to stop growing hair

Since everyone is different and will have a different experience, most patients seeking laser treatment for hair removal/reduction should expect that some of the hair will eventually return to the treated areas.  Most patients will require no more than 6 initial treatment sessions, scheduled 4-8 weeks apart, per treatment area with maintenance treatments scheduled 1-2 times annually to retain smooth results. 

Here at DG Aesthetics, each patient’s skin and hair situation will be completely evaluated to determine the best course of action for their personalized laser treatment strategy.  Some factors that are considered when tailoring a laser treatment plan for hair reduction include:

  • Areas a patient wishes to target
  • Skin tone
  • Hair Color
  • How quickly the hair follicles cycle through the hair growth process

Most patients will enjoy a 10-25% reduction in hair growth following their very first laser treatment! While results from laser treatment for hair reduction can be semi-permanent, most patients enjoy long stretches of smooth, stubble-free skin and can finally get rid of the razor, sticky wax sessions, and hard-to-handle creams. Contact us today.