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Hollywood A-listers are lining up to get the latest cosmetic craze that promises a youthful, gorgeous glow that goes beyond the red carpet.  

The verdict is in. Forma is a face-fixing fave amongst complexion-conscious celebs, soccer moms, beauty insiders, influencers, estheticians, derms, plastic surgeons, and the like. 

Dubbed the “lunchtime facial,” the popular, nonsurgical facial, known as Forma, is often performed pre-red-carpet appearances to refresh the seemingly ageless visages of the Hollywood elite and is quickly becoming the go-to anti-aging treatment for the skin-obsessed. 

The reason the state-of-the-art Forma skin tightening treatment proves to be the skin secret amongst the most attention-grabbing stars?  It works!  A fervent fan of Forma, beauty mogul and reality tv star sensation,

Kim K., isn’t about to waste her precious time with subpar beauty treatments that fail to deliver the most jaw-dropping results sure to garner the attention of her millions of fans and followers.  Here’s the scoop on the anti-aging trend heating up the aesthetics scene.  

The 411 on Forma

Manufactured by InMode, the nonsurgical Forma facelift is FDA-approved, safe, and effective for all skin tones, shades, types, and even most body parts.  Forma is exclusively noninvasive, which means patients seeking a revitalized, rejuvenated appearance don’t need to go under the needle – or the knife. 

No cutting, no scarring, no scary side effects, no dreaded downtime, no recovery, no problem!  Forma is fast, effective, and fuss-free and can be performed in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area(s) being treated.  Most patients will experience a slight redness or swelling immediately following their treatment that usually subsides within a few hours or less, but other than that,

Forma skin tightening treatments are a piece of cake in the cosmetics industry.  Forma addresses common complexion concerns associated with aging, such as sagging, wrinkles, uneven tone, and rough texture, by remodeling the skin’s deepest tissues and prompting a complexion-plumping, collagen response for months after the patient’s last session.  

How Does Forma Nonsurgical Facelifts Work?

The Forma nonsurgical facelift uses innovative, fractional radiofrequency waves synergized with intense heat to target the deepest layers of the skin, increasing collagen production response to lift, firm, tighten, sculpt, and contour different areas of the face and body. 

A non-surgical, skin-tightening treatment, Forma offers patients an accessible, affordable, anti-aging option at the touch of a button and is akin to a relaxing hot stone massage. 

The Forma nonsurgical facelift by InMode is equipped with a heating application that safely and painlessly delivers radiofrequency waves via electrodes to tighten the skin’s support structures around the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds, marionette lines/jowls, neck, jawline, décolletage, stomach, thighs, and other areas of the body experiencing laxity and roughened texture. 

With prolonged exposure to temps between 122 degrees Fahrenheit and 167 degrees Fahrenheit, patients have enjoyed the most desired aesthetic outcomes.  

Skin Deep:  Forma’s Bevy of Beauty Benefits 

The revolutionary handheld device that has taken the beauty industry by storm has the advanced capability to safely reach the deepest layers of the skin for the most effective outcome – but that’s only the beginning.  Forma goes even deeper to provide the following:

  • Uniform heating “irons” out wrinkles and smooths fine lines for allover, even rejuvenation
  • Bipolar radiofrequency boosts elasticity and collagen production to visibly improve skin’s firmness long after the patient has left the chair
  • Natural-looking results simply enhance a patient’s “born with it” beauty without the fake, frozen look of many, more invasive cosmetic procedures
  • Both immediate and cumulative results
  • A Cutting-edge, built-in temperature sensor will automatically reduce the radiofrequency energy when the device senses optimal skin temperature has been reached
  • Completely customizable treatments can be combined with any complexion-correcting procedure, such as injectables, lasers, peels, fillers, and facials for a truly personalized anti-aging plan that fits your budget and beauty goals

Since Forma treatments are noninvasive, they can be performed 2-3 days apart, while still maintaining a rigorous skincare routine.  Many patients have reported an “instant purification” effect with bouncy, dewy skin immediately following their first session. 

However, most patients will require at least five sessions before visible results can be attained and will enjoy maximum results for six months to over a year before maintenance sessions will be required to retain revitalized results and anti-aging effects.  

Are YOU Ready for the Star Treatment that’s Got the Beauty Biz Abuzz?

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